Write for Us

Do you have leopard gecko information that you would like to share with us? We welcome experienced leopard gecko hobbyist, enthusiast, breeders or vets to write for us.

Writing an article for the pet is not hard if you’re interested in them, we need about 500 to 800 words per article, associated with the photos or pictures with rights to use.

There are seven (7) categories of of the articles that we need, listed below:

  • tank setup or vivarium related
  • substrate choice and usage
  • lighting or temperature
  • decorations and reptiles supplies
  • food and diet
  • leopard gecko breeding
  • health and illness issues

Articles that we are seeking are:

  • how-to articles
  • product reviews, such as substrate, tank, light, heat sources, etc
  • reptile supplies comparison, types of gecko comparison
  • some special techniques, such as handling, breeding, incubation, health care
  • your leopard gecko photo shooting (only amazing photos will be listed).

If you better ideas or suggestions, you are welcomed to share with us as well.

For the articles submitted to us, we’ll double check on the grammar, and lightly edit for good sounding, and easy reading.

Thanks for making this website amazing as the pet.