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A leopard gecko, native to Pakistan, India and Afghanistan, usually lives underground and is nocturnal. It has a head the shape of a triangle and a big tail where the fats are stored. A leopard gecko’s skin is rough and bumpy and patterned. These patterns camouflage them from predators. These patterns make them attractive to a lot of pet owners. This type of gecko makes an excellent pet. It is small and requires minimal care. It can also be left alone for several days. A leopard gecko does not make a lot of noise, does not smell and do not need a lot of attention. On average, it can reach a length of only about 10 inches so it does not need a lot of space. It can live up to 20 years once captured. It is cheap and can easily be found in any pet stores. These characteristics make a leopard gecko the perfect pet.

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There are large varieties of reptile substrate that you can use for your leopard gecko. However, a wrong selected substrate used may cause casualties to your beloved pet. So a decision of substrate is very important. There are many lively debates in many reptile forums about which is the most suitable substrate that you should use for your vivarium bedding.

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There are lots of debates on the reptile forum about using sand as substrate for leopard gecko. Many hobbyists that still insist that they would house their pet using sand as it provide more natural look and nicer in vivarium decoration. There are risk in using sand for your gecko, however let me show you how to minimize the risk.