Procedures of Housing Several Leopard Geckos

Housing several leopard geckos may require a little knowledge and skills. You got to understand there are different strategies to house you your geckos together, either you are going to introduce your new gecko to existing gecko or bring two geckos together from different places, assuming that all the leopard geckos that you have got are healthy. Let sub-categorize. If you are adopting new geckos, it is a good practice to buy these geckos from the same pet store, preferably from the same tank. They supposed remain to live peacefully. Our objective is trying to house the same size geckos together; this can reduce the case of bullying, however monitoring must be done.

This is subject to no 2 or more male or juvenile are housed together. It’s a good idea to spare terrarium / tank since fighting might happen. Please refer to website’s “Cage for Multiple Gecko” for the appropriate number and sex of geckos that you should house in the cage. Again, remember that no two or more male geckos should be in the same enclosure!

To be safe, try to separate your geckos into different sections before letting them mixing together. Anyhow, if resources are available, try to separate and house them into totally different location first; make sure that it complies with the basic requirement for leopard gecko tank required as suggested in the “Basic Leopard Gecko Cage Housing”. This may serve as a quarantine step just in case that one of the gecko is not healthy, and it is not harboring any unknown infectious problems to the colony.

If you are planning to introduce a new gecko to an existing group of gecko, this process even plays a more important part.

The duration of this quarantine process should last about three months. If there is any gecko is infected with parasites, bring them to the vet and try to cure them and continue to monitor them. Do not place him with the other geckos unless you confirm that it is healthy. It might be an extra effort from you, however if you do it properly you can save lots of trouble.

After you have confirmed that your leopard geckos are safe, do not place them directly into that enclosure yet. In fact, place them on a common ground; it might be an independent large tank. Monitor how these geckos are going along. If they are getting fine, then only you put them altogether into the new or existing tank.