When is the Right Time for New Leopard Gecko Tank Setup?

No matter you’re building the gecko cage yourself or buying it from a store or asking an expert to set up for you, the right timing is very important. Most of the people tend to get their leopard gecko first, then starting to build or set up the LG sweet home cage. This might seems to be the norm, since many people will buy the gecko and the enclosure together from a pet shop together and bring them home. This can be very wrong and very risky for your LG if you place them in temporary box while building your pet’s house or even worse if leave them in the packaging box from the shop. So you may ask, “What’s the right procedure for leopard gecko enclosure setup?”

Leopardgeckocare.net recommendation is that you need to at least set up the basic required housing for you leopard gecko before they move in.

The best practice is you first determine where you would like to place your leopard gecko enclosure, imagine the design for the cage, and start planning for it. No matter how you get the cage done, you must have the cage ready. The term “ready” means that all the basic accessories such as subtracts, decors, furniture and décor are adequately placed. Make sure they are suitable for your leopard gecko and the placement is done properly so it would not hurt your leopard gecko. If you’re not sure which reptile accessories are suitable for leopard gecko, you may check it out at the “Subtracts” section.

Not only for that, the other important element is the temperature control, make sure that your leopard gecko vivarium’s temperature is comply to the one recommended by leopardgeckocare.net

Even you these basic things are up, try to check the enclosure’s conditions continuously from time to time and be sure that nothing goes wrong at. Try to set up the enclosure one week and test the conditions at least three times before your leopard gecko gets into the cage.