Reptile Substrate That Need to Be Avoided for Leopard Gecko Vivarium Bedding

Reptile substrate may be nice to serve as your leopard gecko tank’s bedding to provide more natural look and nice view. However, a wrongly chosen reptile substrate may be disastrous to our lovely leopard gecko. There are many reptile substrates available on the reptile pet shop today. However, it is a devastating to house your leopard gecko on wrong selected substrate. This might cause casualties to your poor leopard gecko. Sometimes, there are too many gecko owners do not understand the importance of the substrate being used, they do not have the knowledge choose the correct substrate and lead to the dead of their pet.

We love our leopard gecko and that’s why at least that you should know that these are the substrates that you should avoid.

I try figured out as many reptile substrate that are not suitable for leopard gecko. This is the substrate list and I hope it will be useful for you and let’s make sure the leopard gecko is living happily and healthily all time.

  1. Playground sandThis should not be used with your young gecko or juveniles as they might swallow the playground sand and cause impaction and eventually death.
  2. Orchid bark mixture, shavings or other product made by moss Similar playground sand, these substrates are well known for easily ingested and cause impaction for leopard gecko.
  3. Astroturf with bound and melted edgesLeopard may eat the particles that fray off.
  4. Potting soilThe gecko may eat the partite that it contains.
  5. Cedar or pineFume or resins may be poisonous to reptiles.
  6. Silica sandThis is basically glass and could not be digested by reptile.
  7. Crushed walnut Certain unfortunate leopard geckos die after eating crushed walnut. Certain leopard gecko may be able to spit them out if accidentally eat that while hunting their food but some could not. For example “Desert Blend” actually made of crusted walnut.

If you’re buying reptile substrate from local pet store or any pet store online, always check out the ingredient that used for the substrate. If it is not shown on the packing, try to ask the pet store assistants to provide you the details.