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The leopard gecko is the most common type of gecko which is raised in captivity and requires little maintenance. It is a small gecko which originated from Iran, Afghanistan, Western India, Iraq and Pakistan. It was later brought to the United States of America, but stopped when its importation was declared illegal in 1970. Only one species of leopard gecko is known to exist. However, there were five more subspecies when it was first imported. Thus, interbreeding caused the existence of geckos known as morphs. A morph refers to the change of character or from of the leopard gecko. Its scientific nameEublepharus macularius came from the fact that this type of geckos has true eyelids.

A leopard gecko comes from the family of Gekkonidae which originates from Southern Asia, Pakistan and India. It usually measures 6-9 inches. It eats crickets, grubs, and mealworms. A leopard gecko must be given water at all times. It typically survives as a pet in a 10 gallon aquarium and uses newspaper, sand and paper toweling as substrates. This type of gecko should also have something to climb on such as rocks or humidity box. However, the owner should keep its terrarium simple for easy cleaning. Having a leopard gecko as a pet is easy to maintain. It may be a good choice of pet for beginners. Aside from the above information, here are ten more things you should know about a leopard gecko.

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A leopard gecko, native to Pakistan, India and Afghanistan, usually lives underground and is nocturnal. It has a head the shape of a triangle and a big tail where the fats are stored. A leopard gecko’s skin is rough and bumpy and patterned. These patterns camouflage them from predators. These patterns make them attractive to a lot of pet owners. This type of gecko makes an excellent pet. It is small and requires minimal care. It can also be left alone for several days. A leopard gecko does not make a lot of noise, does not smell and do not need a lot of attention. On average, it can reach a length of only about 10 inches so it does not need a lot of space. It can live up to 20 years once captured. It is cheap and can easily be found in any pet stores. These characteristics make a leopard gecko the perfect pet.

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A leopard gecko is a nocturnal animal. It is more active during the night and may only sleep all throughout the day. Although a leopard gecko does not require a lot of light in its cage, light still plays an important role on the happiness and health of your pet. However, you need to regulate the amount of light that will only be beneficial to your leopard gecko and does not cause any overheating in any way.