Leopard Gecko Vivarium Lighting and Temperature Setting

Leopard gecko requires heating and a good temperature gradient environment for healthy growing because leopard geckos are thermal regulated, good temperature can help on digesting food. A warm side and cool side of your leopard gecko tank need to be correctly set up.

To have a great temperature gradient, vivarium which is greater a gallon would be a perfect option. Day time temperature should be 85F to 90F while night temperature as 70F to 75F. UV lighting is not required as they are nocturnal.

Even leopard gecko is nocturnal lizard, a 12 hours day time and 12 hours night time environment should be created with accurate temperature setting. This can be achieved by electronic controlled temperature lighting kits, which is mainly controlled by the timer.

There are many types of light sources that can be used to create suitable tank temperature, such as ceramic bulbs, reptile heating pads, heat mat, incandescent lights or nocturnal bulbs. Please do not use hot rocks; it will seriously hurt and burn the geckos. Overhead lighting systems are overhead bulbs are suggested.

Reptile spot nightlight incandescent can be used to provide warm basking spot at night.

No matter which kind of light sources you are using, a electronic thermostat is a must to monitor the temperature of the tank.