Leopard Gecko Vivarium and Tank Cleaning

It’s fairly simple to clean leopard gecko enclosure but there are certain areas that you need to pay attention. Unlike other reptiles, leopard geckos are relatively hygienic animal. Normally they will defecate at certain particular spots, perhaps one or two in most cases, which is called defecatoria for one spot or defecatorium for more spots. The defecatoria is normally pretty dry and easy to clear and clean up.As long as you have done enough planning during you enclosure set up, it make your life easier for cage cleaning. If you have front and side openings it is somewhat simple enough to clear the defecatoria. Other than that, top opening is also quite reasonable to reach that, provided your cage is not located at high place.

When you are trying to clear the defecatorium, try to be careful and avoid any contact to the decors, furniture or accessories inside the cage. You may accidentally collapse them and hurt your leopard geckos.

Try to use reptile friendly cage cleaners to wipe your tank. Household cleaners must be avoided since it may be unsafe to your geckos.

In order to avoid the development and growth of parasites and bacteria, your leopard gecko enclosure need to be cleaned more frequently and water should be replaced daily even it looked clean.