Essential Backup Vivarium Cage for Leopard Gecko

Many of you may not have this backup cage as you may think it is not necessary, since it may take up your resources for that which including budget, space, time and so forth. The truth is that backup cage may play a very important role.Backup Cage – Why is it important?

Let us examine why…

First of all, backup cage may serve as a temporary tank for you to place leopard gecko if you would like to clean your cage completely. Instead of place your leopard gecko in any other temporary box which may seems not comfortable or too small for your geckos; this seems to be a good choice. By having this backup cage, you can concentrate in cleaning your cage and not worrying about the leopard gecko conditions so much. There are certain people experiences that their geckos were missing after placing them at improper temporary box during the cleaning.

Secondly, would recommend you to separate you gecko in backup cage if you are housing multiple leopard geckos and they are not getting well, and fights for food or space. Before you acquire or set up a new enclosure, this may house you leopard geckos temporarily before any serious injuries or death happen.

You may need this backup cage for your new leopard gecko quarantine process which last for three months before introduces your new gecko the existing gecko. You may refer to the article “Procedures of Housing Several Geckos” at

Once in a while there is sickness happen around your geckos; it may be poop or other parasites disturbing your geckos. It is a MUST process to separate this unhealthy leopard gecko from the rest of them before they get affected by this decease. Since the quarantine process may take longer time than expected, backup cage needed to meet the basic requirement for leopard gecko cage. If your current backup cage is not in top conditions, you may need to improve it for the long tenure of the unhealthy leopard gecko.

If you are housing a male leopard gecko and less than 3 female leopard geckos in an enclosure, you may need to separate them during the breeding season. The male gecko sexually drive may increase and become annoying to the female, hence fighting may occur. Ultimately, this will stress up the entire environment.

As you can see, there are several purposes for the backup cage. These are just a few of the conditions that you need a backup cage, in fact you may find it useful in many cases. If you resources allowed, try to get one today.