Basic Leopard Gecko Vivarium Decors and Supplies

Leopard gecko vivarium can be setup as simple or natural as possible, depending on pet’s owner preferences. Usually reptile hobbyist would like to have natural-look environment for their leopard gecko as it is better looking and perhaps more ‘comfortable’ for the gecko.In addition to sufficient vivarium space and suitable substrate as basic vivarium setup, more reptile supplies needed to put in the place to make it look more natural. These are the several decors that you may need:

Water Dish

Stone-alike dish can be used to place the fresh water

Hide Box

Most important reptile vivarium supplies for leopard geckos, where they spend most of the time. Leopard gecko needs at least 2 hide boxes. The hide boxes should to be placed at the moist and hot side; with another one at the dry and cooler side. The hide boxes can be as simple as card box or as nice as handmade granite mountain hide box.

Moist and Humid Box

Basic moist box is need for leopard gecko near the moist side of the vivarium. Or you may place moist towel inside the hide box. A humidity of 80% or more is a must during shedding period for the leopard gecko to remove the skin properly. Humid area is a good place to lay eggs as well during breeding period.

Rough Decors

Leopard geckos need rough decors such as climbing rock, wood or barkto rub its body during shedding.

Basking and Climbing Accessories

Logs and handmade plantscan be used to create basking spots and climbing places. If the decors are meant for climbing, make sure that it’s stable and would not tumble when the leopard gecko is climbing.

Life Plants

Life plants can make it nicer and provide higher humidity but make sure the plants are not toxicor sharp to leopard gecko.

You may place more choices of reptile supplies and decors for your leopard geckos by visiting the nearest pet shop. It is up to personal preferences for decorating your leopard gecko vivarium using different types of reptile suppliesas long as it is not harmful to the leopard gecko.